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Aquatic Restoration & Research Institute (ARRI)

ARRI is located in Talkeetna, Alaska. ARRI conducts applied stream and lake research within Alaska. The objective of the organization is to provide the best available information to Government Agencies, NGOs, and the public to ensure that development within Alaska is conducted in a manner that avoids impacts to aquatic systems.

Impacts to aquatic systems can only be avoided by understanding their complex ecology. ARRI research focuses on the evaluation and monitoring of aquatic systems to ensure that these systems remain healthy and to identify and address any impacts as soon as possible.

ARRI specializes in the restoration of stream systems. ARRI assists private and public landowners to develop restoration plans, obtain the necessary resource permits, seek any available State or Federal funding, and construct or oversee project construction and post project monitoring.

Call or send an email to Jeff and Gay Davis for more information, or to make a donation to the Aquatic Restoration & Research Institute (ARRI).

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ARRI - Aquatic Restoration & Research Institute, Talkeetna, Alaska